Posted @withregram • @schnauzerfestuk Schnauzerfest not only supports the dogs caught up in the neglect and cruelty of the puppy industry, we are here to educate, it is at the core of #schnauzerfest

Words here from @drjgreenwood really need saying and sharing.

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As we enter our second major national lockdown: a friendly (but slightly exasperated) veterinary reminder that a dog is for life, not just for lockdown 🐾

I know many new and first time dog owners out there are doing an INCREDIBLE job 👍🏻🐾👏🏻 but news broke this weekend in @thetimes to confirm our worst fears that puppies bought in the first lockdown (on a whim) are now being abandoned or advertised online for re-sale.

We are on the brink of a welfare crisis and risk failing an entire generation of ‘pandemic puppies’.

Please, do your research, be prepared to wait, insist you always see a puppy with its mother and consider whether you can definitely meet the requirements of looking after a pet for the rest of its life.

These times are hugely unsettling for all of us, and whilst getting a puppy might seem like the perfect distraction - they don’t stay as puppies for long and can be really hard work - at a time that is already stressful for many.

Dogs are incredible, let’s show them the respect they deserve 🐾👍🏻

Closed for Christmas 🎄
Thank you all so much for your support through what has been such a difficult year for us all.
Thank you for your patience when I was closed during lockdown and for all the changes that had to be made.
But most of all, thank you all so much for your immense generosity in such very difficult times. I am so delighted to announce that between us, with your donations and some personal donations, this year We have raised £1000 for @schnauzerfestuk

I'll just say that again....

We have raised £1000 🎉🤩👏

That's £1000 that will help pay the veterinary fees and transform the lives of dogs rescued from the horrific conditions of puppy farms.

I am so very grateful to you all for your kindness and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I would also like to thank all those who donated a gift to @hwar.2020 and @rspca.herefordshire via @leominsterpetcentre and @emmasdoghousehomeboarding

So a very Merry Christmas to you all, take care, stay safe and let's look forward to a brighter 2021 😘

Thank you so much to everyone that has made a donation so far, Emma's van is full to the brim with donations 🧡
This just goes to show what can be achieved when we pull together and spread a little love and kindness 🥰

Posted @withregram • @emmasdoghousehomeboarding Lauren from @leominsterpetcentre asked if I could collect and look after the Christmas donations for Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue and RSPCA Hereford because she was running out of room!! I was so thrilled, but when I went along today I had no idea just how much had been bought and donated!! With lovely Dan’s help from the shop (thank you!) we filled my van 🥰 I will add all these amazing gifts to the items I have at home ( that I have collected and people have dropped off) and will take some photos and post them over the next day or so. I feel so emotional and overwhelmed writing this. It has been such a rubbish year for everyone and yet people have been AMAZING and responded SO generously to help dogs not lucky enough to be in a loving home this Christmas. There is still time to pop into the shop to buy a Christmas present or donate a second hand item for a dog in need this Christmas. Lauren and I will be delivering all the gifts and donations to both charities on Sunday 20th December. Lastly a massive THANK YOU to Lauren (could not have done this without you😘) and the local businesses who have donated and helped promote this initiative to their clients:
Mooch with the Pooch
Canine Physio and Fitness

This wonderful initiative has been set up by my friend @emmasdoghousehomeboarding
It would be lovely, if you are able, to buy a gift for a dog in need at one of these 2 local self funded rescues.
Just pop into @leominsterpetcentre to buy something to add to their collection or you can even just give them a call to donate. Let's spread a little love and kindness 😘
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I would be very grateful for any clients not already on my email list to update me with their email address. Thank you ❤ ...

Hoping to have the next delivery from Leominster Pet Centre to Yarpole on Friday 1st May
Please phone 01568 615927 to place your orders 👍

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I have been proud to work with Addis and Shnauzerfest over the last 18 months raising awareness of the cruel business of puppy farming.
Please do take a moment to head on over to the Addis website to read the blog and share if you can. It's great info for anyone considering buying a puppy 🧡

#Repost from @addishome with ... It is #NationalPetMonth and for the past year as proud family members of Pet Care Aware, a charity run by @nationalpetmonth we have been helping to raise awareness of the great work of @dbarcberks and @schnauzerfestuk
With more of us working from home our furbabies are probably wondering what is happening.  All of this extra time they are getting to spend with us and vice versa.
Our furry family members are very lucky to have found and live in safe secure and loving homes, their forever homes.
However, for 1000s of animals sadly this isn’t the case.  There are millions of pets that are well and truly loved but special thoughts also go out to the animals who are bred into the notorious business of puppy farming and exist in such terrible conditions purely for profit.
We are honoured to have Janetta Harvey as this month’s guest blogger, founder of SchnauzerFest
@janettaharveywriter has written a number of books and is author of Susie- Belle.

Susie- Belle is the dog who in Janetta’s words changed her life.  Since adopting Susie-Belle Janetta as written four books on rescue dogs and puppy farming, countless blogs and articles, appeared on national radio, and TV speaking about the charity founded in her memory @schnauzerfestuk
Janetta’s blog gives an insight into what to look for if you are going to choose a new puppy, how to avoid the puppy farming trap and also gives some very good advice on alternatives with 1000s of unwanted animals looking for their forever home is certainly food for thought to consider rehoming as an initial option.  #ThursdayThoughts
So a lot to think about when you are going to introduce a new furbaby into the family mix.
We want to thank @janettaharveywriter for this heartfelt blog and giving us an insight into the notorious business of puppy farming @dbarcberks for the incredible work they do

🐾 Leominster Pet Centre 🐾
Call 01568 615927 to place your orders

#Repost from @leominsterpetcentre with ... Special delivery 🚚 📦 .....Although I’m sure a lot of you would love a puppy to your door that’s not a service we will be offering 🤣 But we do have everything a dog could ever need, and we can deliver direct to your door. Spread the word and not the virus. Stay home and keep safe. Let us help you. We also stock products for lots of other animals too from hamsters, cats, aquarium and pond fish, reptiles, aviary and wild birds and more. Give us a ring between 9am-3pm on 01568 615927 to see if we can help
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Dog groomers standing together for the NHS.

This salon is proud to be one of thousands of grooming businesses following the government and industry guidelines, closing to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus

These are difficult times and much as we would like to be open, we must do what we can to protect our clients and protect the NHS.

We miss our clients and understand that they will be getting hairier, and being closed will have a huge impact on our small business but the health and safety of humans must come first!
Dog grooming is not considered an essential service and all salons, including home salons and mobile vans have been recommended to close to limit the spread of the virus, though we are aware some are still trying to work it is not worth the risk to have your dog groomed. Frontline workers are putting their lives and their families lives at risk to keep us safe.
Please Stay at home -Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (if you are a key worker) -If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at ALL times -Do not meet others, even friends or family. You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

Rest assured that we will be doing all we can once we reopen to get everyones grooms caught up. Please stay home, protect yourself protect your loved ones and protect the NHS.

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As you all know we are big supporters of Schnauzerfest. Not just for the excellent work they do fundraising to pay veterinary fees for dogs rescued from puppy farms but also the campaigning to raise awareness of this horrific trade.

Dogs in puppy farms spend years in confinement. Not a few weeks sat on a comfy sofa at home like we are now, but in a small, dirty pen, on a concrete floor, in a dark barn. Many never see daylight, or feel the fresh grass under their feet. There is minimal food and water, veterinary issues and injuries are not attended to leaving dogs in terrible pain.

Currently the puppy farmers are not making any sales, so dogs are being dumped or disposed of.
We want to remember these dogs and help them despite the difficult times we live in. So for the next few months we are going to 'Step out for Schnauzerfest'. Each day we will walk our dogs, within our local area and following all social distancing guidelines. We will think of what it is like to be trapped inside for our whole lives.

We will keep you posted with updates on our journey and we will donate a little as we go along through each week. If you could help me I would be really grateful, and so would the dogs we are 'Stepping out' for.

I realise times are tough, so if you cannot afford to donate, please considering sharing this post, to help raise awareness of the plight of puppy farm dogs.

Thank you 😘
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🐾 Leominster Pet Centre 🐾
🐾Service announcement 🐾
We are delivering in PRESTEIGNE area Friday due to demand. Please tag anyone in surrounding villages or towns that may want something dropped to them. Take care all 🐾Please call the shop on 01568 615927 to place your orders 🐾

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@leominsterpetcentre are continuing to serve the local community by operating a pre-order service for essential items.

To try and make things easier and safer, I will arrange for Lauren to make one delivery to me in Yarpole on Friday 3rd April. I can then distribute to everyone in the village.

If you need anything, please phone the pet shop, place your order and pay by card over the phone. The Pet Shop will prepare all the parcels ready for me to distribute 🚗

I have Defra approved Safe4 disinfectant and Leucillin for hand sanitising. I will leave the parcel at your door.
If you would like to make use of this service, place your order by telephone to 01568 615927 as soon as possible as they are struggling to get deliveries in themselves.

Please also let me know either by email vasb@ebfvrftebbzvat.pb.hx telephone 01568 780855 or via my Facebook page. I will need to know who I am delivering to!

I would be grateful if you could pass on to anyone who may not see this message, particularly if they are self isolating and need help locating pet food.

I hope you find this service useful and if you have any comments or suggestions just let me know!
Thanks, AJ 🐾🐾 #stayhomesaveslives #yarpole #leominster #community #togetherwearestronger

🐾🐾 UPDATE 🐾🐾 Following last night's announcement by the Prime Minister, I have made the difficult decision to temporarily close.
I had hoped to stay open for the welfare of the dogs but bringing your dog for grooming cannot be considered an essential journey for a few weeks at least 😞
Even the risk of an RTA on the way to me is too high at the moment. We all need to take every measure we can to help stop the spread of this horrific virus.

When I reopen I will be operating a priority groom system, with those most in need being groomed first. I will be in touch with each and every one of you and will be happy to give as much advice as is needed to help you care for your dog's coat until then.

Yes there will be a few shaggy dogs and yes there might be a few short haircuts when we return but the most important thing is that we do all return, safe and well.

Once again, I am grateful for all the support I have received, these are tough times for sure but now we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe.

Please keep well everyone and we'll see each other on the other side 😘


🐾🐾 UPDATE 🐾🐾 As each day passes the world is changing so fast. I am reviewing constantly whether I should stay open.
For now, I continue to work, with restrictions in place.
For those who are in a vulnerable category or self isolating I will only groom your dog if it is absolutely essential for the welfare of your dog. In this situation ideally someone else should bring your dog.
Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after petting your dog for a few days after the groom.
Please respect the measures I have in place, give space, don't touch anything. This is for all of our benefit.

I am genuinely touched by the messages of support I have received from so many of my clients. That you are still kind enough to donate to my @Schnauzerfestuk collection to help rescued dogs that are in desperate need of veterinary care. That you are kind enough to offer to pay for appointments that you are unable to make. For all this and more I am truly humbled.

As ever, the safety of my clients both human and canine remains paramount. I'll keep you posted 😘


🐾 today's update
Please call me if there is anything you would like to discuss
Thank you 💛

**Coronavirus Update** In order to help keep everybody safe and I have implemented a few extra safety measures for my clients and myself. *On arrival please do not enter the salon. I will have the top half of my stable door open so we can discuss requirements and then I will open the bottom just to bring your dog into the salon. The same on collection. No-one will need to to touch any door handles.
*Payment can be made by card using contactless payment although this will have to be made in 2 transactions due to to £30 limit. Alternatively to use Chip & Pin I am cleaning the terminal between each transaction. I am also still accepting cash at the moment - preferably the new style notes as they are easier to clean!
*I will have Leucillin available to clean your hands with if you require. *I will clean the gate latch in between each client
*In the short term I am no longer allowing clients to stay with me while I groom their dog. If this is a problem please contact me and we will try to find a solution.

It goes without saying that I continually clean the salon throughout the day as I always do with a Virucidal disinfectant and sterilise my tools such as brushes and scissors. **I would ask my clients to let me know as soon as you are able should you need to cancel/rearrange your appoinmtent** I will continue to keep working unless I am directed by the Government to stop.

Any questions please ask and of course I will do whatever I can to help.

Stay safe everyone!!

I know I'm a tiny bit biased when it comes to Cavaliers but Alfie really is the most handsome chap 🥰
It's no wonder my Myrtle adores him 💘💞
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